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Greetings Comrades,

Soviet History Awaits Below!

Welcome to my collection of posts about Russian history from the century spanning from the end of the Romanov dynasty, up through the fall of the Soviet Union! On this site, I have chosen to write about the topics that greatly piqued my interest in my study of Russian history from the spring of 2020. I have a passion for all things WWII, and a love of twentieth century history in general. I hope that in reading through some of my posts, you take away something that you might not have known before. If your’e an expert already, I hope that you might enjoy the work that I put into these posts and leave meaningful comments and critiques! I’m always open to learn and hear others’ opinions as well as points of view, because you can’t get the big picture if your’e only looking through a drinking straw. Thank you, and enjoy!

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: The Definition of a SNAFU

In military jargon, a SNAFU is an acronym which stands for “Systems Normal: All F***ed Up.” This acronym perfectly sums up the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, for several reasons. But how did the entire situation come about? As described by the Seventeen Moments module, the invasion was prompted by a sort of “domino-esque” executions of…

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